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Backoffice India is a leading cheque processing and clearing service provider to many reputed multinational banks in India and abroad. Our cheque clearing operations are designed in accordance to Reserve Bank of India's prescribed standards. We organize training and up gradation activities at regular intervals to stay updated. We have invested optimally in the growth of a world class secured information infrastructure. Our tightened security has never let us down and we have never yielded to any threats so far.

• The images of the cheques and instruments submitted are captured; this solution enables us to do speedy transactions by transferring images. By this process, we restrict the movement of physical cheque and provide speed clearing of our outstation cheques.

• Through in-house item processing, we provide the most modern solutions with user-friendly interface. This process touches the critical points with great care and provides automated workflow with speed and quality, satisfying our clients to the highest level.

• We offer tailored outsourcing services, taking the complete cheque processing and clearing contract. Some stages of it can be omitted for your in-house processing.

• Cheque recovery process is a time-consuming job. It requires elimination of the errors and re-furnishing of the electronic image.

We provide error free and cost-effective image processing service. Our efficient and hardworking teams with experienced personnel undergo every process with great care to provide you with excellent results. We assure the confidentiality and protection of your information.

"Back Office India Providing World Class Cheques Pick-up Services In India" Why choose BackOffice India for Cheque Pick up Services?
• Enjoy Additional Convenience and reduced Administrative Expenses by arranging to have your Cheques collected at your doorstep and sent directly on the same day for faster Processing

• Ensure Secure and Quick delivery of Cheques through our Professional cheque pick up team
• Minimize risks with our world class Cheque Processing Team
• Guarantee your Banking requirements are met with our dedicated Support team

Key Services
• On Call Service – You request for Service as and when required
• Customized Solution.
• Safe and Secure.
• Time and Cost Efficient.
• Timely Pickup and Delivery

Domestic Cheque Pick Up Services Benefits include:
• Collection of Local and Outstation cheques from all over major locations in India with multiple partner banking arrangements to cater to your business needs.

• Dedicated cheque pick up facility at major cities locations across India to ensure your cheques can be deposited on a frequent basis to minimise delay in your payment collection process

• Comprehensive cheque status updates and reports via our support team, where you will receive customised reports on a daily basis in the file formats you prefer.

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