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"affordable and Professional address verification services in India"

Address Verification methodology for a Potential Applicant is an essential subset of the various Verification steps, carried out as a part of Employee screening services by BackOffice India. This guarantees the applicant has provided his/her accurate present and permanent address. Residential Address Verification helps tremendously, amid Negative record searches and establishing Credit Reports.

There are numerous other possible situations and events, when a Company may require an employee's residential address– and credentials. Address verification, hence, is a vital indicator that assists organizations to decrease odds of errors, fraudulent and mis-information.

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• Customized Background Screening Solutions
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• Standard and Custom Applicant Tracking System
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In case that, the screening procedure needs to do, without the applicant's knowledge; BackOffice India totally comprehends the sensitive circumstance and employs customized address verification services.

The address of an applicant is confirmed through a physical visit to the residence. We suggest verifying at-least present and permanent addresses. Optionally, you may get all previous addresses double checked about clean past.

“Hire An Address Verification Company In India For Local Screenings”

We would conduct physical visit and ensure that the Information provided by the applicant as for his/her residential address is in fact, genuine - Physically visiting an applicant's current and/or permanent addresses and report any issue.

Address Verification of an Applicant is conducted through a physical visit via our trained Field Team. They handle Addresses Verifications very carefully and relay information to backend staff in order to decide its level of legitimacy by deciding components like the duration of stay, relation with the Applicant of the said address and so forth.

Discreet Check on the employees' perception and behavior among fellow occupants in his residential area is also done.


What is Address Verification Service?
Address Verification Service, also known as AVS, is a security measure that is used to prevent fraudulent on any organization.
Address Verification Service is based on the Verification of the Address of the concerned person. This is especially important for banks, corporate as well as any businesses - who hire employees. The chances of they being a fraudulent person are reduced massively as a company that is protected by AVS will confirm the Applicant current genuine address.

How does Address Verification Service work?
Our Address Verification Service is usually done to assist the banks, Internet Service Providers, Telecom Operators, Small/Big Business (employees hiring). The address of the applicant is matched with the address provided to the banks /companies via a physical visit - and if the address matches, the verification is carried out – and if all any deviation is found in the Address – the same is reported back to the Client.

Where to get an address verification service in India?
Why not us! As we are based in India with our wide Network and years of expertise in AVS - we can provide you accurate AVS reports. We use Top-notch, Secure and Technology-backed processes.
We have a strong network which allow us to carry out intensive checks across the Country - We have the best-in-class Service Quality and excellent Turn-around times.

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