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Data processing is one of the fastest growing outsourcing services in India, and we are one of the most efficient and reliable Backoffice India with a track record of providing specific, precise and high quality data processing services in India. Over the period of time we have extraordinarily gained consistent and incremental expertise in our field of work.

We at Back Office India offer a wide variety of following data processing services:
• Information Capture and Digital Imaging
• Optical character Recognition
• Word processing
• Digitization and Conversion
• Offline/Online Data Entry
• Full text Data Capture
• Examination results
• Mailing Lists
• Legal Documents
• Data Mining
• Form Processing

Information processing is considered invalid if the accuracy level is non preserved and we at our Back Office India assure to supply you with an impressive 99.99% accuracy. Be it word processing or handling legal documents, preparing examination results or form processing. We have the experience and commercially viable methodologies to assist you in your business.

Our expertise to process soft documents to digital electronic is unmatched. We manage each operation with the best engineering and outstanding fear. We can handle globally accepted styles like AMA style, CMS style, ACS style and ASM style. Our work prioritizes technical part followed by language to maximize the perfect results. This also helps us providing a logical flow and consistency with coherence. We hold a long list of satisfied customers, from small startup companies to large MNCs.

We offer our services at the most economical service fee/rates in the industry while maintaining the international standards; we sincerely work on maintaining long term relationships, our quality and consistency in fulfilling the required tasks has made us stay above the rest.
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