Audit Service

We are a reputed company providing audit services like comprehensive auditing and assurance services to clients in different spheres of business. Our services include:

• Statutory Audit of accounts of Public and Private Companies
• Financial Institutions
• PSU's firms
• Banks and non-banking financial companies
• Sole-Proprietor's as well as partnership firms

Internal Audit: Focus is to ensure strong internal control systems to minimize the risk of accidental or deliberate errors and omissions. Safeguarding of assets, adequate division of authority over central control areas, and conformity with internal operating policies and standard guidelines are among the many focus areas. We take especial concern of any revenue leakages, overpricing, process overlaps and unauthorized access, omission and commission errors.

Prepare Tax audit report in Form 3CA/3CB including Annexure in Form 3CD as per Section 44AB of the Income-Tax Act, as well as any rebate holiday or deduction passed on to the customer and the collection and verification of obtaining regulatory forms Like C form or H forms etc.

Process / Transaction: A process audit is an examination of results to determine whether the activities, resources and behaviors that are mentioned in standard format. We conduct a thorough analysis, whether there is a need for improvement is available to enhance efficiency & effectiveness.

Management Audit: To assess and thoroughly test the systems, methods and policies followed by an entity's management in the administration. We study and prepare a strategic plan for the optimal function of available resources, to maximize employee and organisational improvement.

We carry out inventory and risk audits on behalf of banks and financial institutions and other NBFCs. Also to access risk factor analysis and debt leverage potential calculation. The objective of this exercise is to confirm the fact that the value of security against which funds are lent by the bank is safe. And free of any spurious or wronged intention. We assist clients in the operation of business growth with financial, legal and accounting reviews in case of mergers, acquisitions and investments in any surviving or new venture. Our due diligence service provides understanding of local laws, regulations and accounting practices. This enables us to keep you covered in case of critical issues in detail.

Investigation: To avoid fraudulent activities we provide investigation services in any transaction already happened or a new employee referral and background clearance check, etc.
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