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Data Processing Services are one of the fastest growing Outsourcing Professions in India, and Backoffice India is one of the Best, Efficient and reliable Data Processing Company based in Delhi, Delhi, India. We have a track record of providing Accurate, customized and high-quality Data Processing Services in India. With years of Data Entry experience, our Company has gained Consistent and improved Knowledge in our field of Work.

InformationProcessing is considered unacceptable if the accuracy level is not up to the Market Standards and we at Backoffice India promise to deliver you with remarkable 99.99% Data entry Accuracy. We are well known among other Data Processing Companies for providing excellent support to our small to large File Processing Clients in India as well as Abroad. By choosing our Data Processing team of Experts, you can achieve significant Cost-savings of over 30% and make Data Process Outsourcing manageable.

Our expertise to process soft Documents to Digital Electronic is unmatched. We manage each Operations with the best engineering and outstanding expertise.

Our Work prioritizes technical part followed by language to maximize the perfect results. This also helps us provide a logical flow and consistency with coherence. We hold a long list of satisfied Customers, from small start-up companies to all major Banks and MNC’s.

We offer our Data Entry Services at the most Economical Service Fee/ Rates in the Industry while maintaining the International Standards - We sincerely work on maintaining long term Relationships, Our Quality and Consistency in fulfilling the required tasks have made our stay above the rest.

Advantages of Outsourcing to Backoffice India

Technology Focus on Core Process Reduce Costs and Risk
With our utmost focus on quality work and delivering projects within given timeframe, we ensure that the latest technology is in place to achieve our goals. Most cutting edge technological upgrades are implemented as per our requirements. Outsourcing improves the productivity of the targeted project and gives them the time to work on mission-critical projects. By outsourcing to BackOffice, you may minimize the risk of discontinuance. You may also save on the cost of investing in technology, infrastructure and trained human resources for data entry.

Data Processing Features

We at Back Office India offer a wide variety of following Data Processing Services:
  • Information Capture and Digital Imaging
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Word Processing
  • Digitization and Conversion
  • Offline/Online Data Entry
  • Full-text Data Capture
  • Examination results
  • Mailing Lists
  • Legal Documents
  • Data Mining
  • Form Processing

    “World class Data Processing Services with high Accuracy and On-time Delivery.”

    Why is Backoffice India the best Outsource Data Processing Company for you?

    Below we have mentioned some of the following Advantages which make us one of India’s Top Outsourcing Data Processing Company:

    In-Depth Knowledge Of Data Processing :
    With over a decade Experience in providing Data Processing Services to various Clients, We have obtained significant Process Knowledge and Expertise in all parts concerning the Data Outsourcing Process.

    Skilled Data Processing Team:
    Our Data Entry Team consists some of most top Skilled and Experienced Professionals. We also focus on regular Training and individual’s Growth to make sure that their Skills and Knowledge is updated all the time.

    Latest Technology:
    By associating with our Data Processing Services, you get access to the latest Data Management Technology.

    Large Volume Data Entry Processing:
    Our competent and efficient Staff is able to process large volumes of Documents, thus helping you streamline your Business Workflow, improve Productivity and enhance Efficiency.

    24/7 and Time Zone Advantage:
    We work round the clock, 24 x7 days, 365 days. When you collaborate with us, we will deliver the desired output in real time as well as within a specified turnaround time.

    Multilingual Support:
    Our Customer Support is expert in a wide array of languages so that clients can get their problems resolved to their agreement, regardless of their Location.

    Customized Data Processing Tariffs:
    Our Customized Data Entry pricing helps us keeping an edge over our competitors in the Market. We propose flexible Data Processing Tariff Plans with different payment models; you can pick the models which best fits your purpose. You can contact us for a quote anytime.

    Better Talent:
    We invest big in an up-to-date Training of our Data Processing Professionals without compromising on Quality to make sure that you always get excellent results.

    Some Data Processing Services from India FAQ’s

    1. Why should I outsource my data processing to India?
    India is one of the best outsourcing countries and its popularity is increasing. Data Processing in India is one of the most popular segments and the sheer number of projects focused on data processing being outsourced to the nation is astonishing.

    Companies in India have the aptitude and expertise to complete data entry projects for small as well as large businesses. Notwithstanding, it is reasonable that one might want to know some more about the process before choosing to outsource.

    2. How my data will be processed, is there any infrastructure?
    This question is not easy to answer. Because, it depends on the type of data processing project you have, the number of days and many other factors. Nonetheless, we have a general process through which every project has to go through.

  • We will go through different areas of importance and identify some core parts. For instance, if we found any peculiar samples which needed to be highlighted or searched, this will involve a manual search.
  • Our data processing experts will identify what needs to be done and will give the deliverable time and what is required by your side.
  • After the finalization of deliverables and requirement fulfilled, there will be a quality check (QC) to make sure that the 2nd step has been done exclusive of any errors.
  • In the next part of the data entry project, latest technology will be used to carry it out. The data processing company may even develop customized Application programming interface (API) to accommodate the need for your project.
  • At the end, a quality assurance (QA) will be carried out using customized API’s

  • 3. Am I in the safe hands, is your team qualified to carry out data processing projects adhering to quality guidelines?
    Data processing firms in India are known around the globe for their austere hiring guidelines.
    A person must have been college graduates with exceptional typing speed and accuracy. They go through an intensive training program which could last between three to six weeks.
    There is likewise a qualified tech. the team who firstly, understands the projects needs, divide them into parts and then assist data processing teams to understand the assignment.

    4. Why should I trust Indian Data Processing Company with my project?
    Expertise and skills cooperated with a high-quality product is only a piece of what data processing firms in India offer. They are adaptable as they take into account any changes that the customer may need at any phase of the project. Discipline is additionally critical and the predefined deliverable-time is strictly followed.

    5. I would like to outsource. How may I reach you?
    You can drop inquiries regarding product quality, deliverable time, confidentiality, and other key issues will be answered. If you might want to talk in depth with us, please fill in the inquiry form and our Support Team will reach you within 24 hours. Feel free to contact us

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